Our optical staff at Central Wisconsin Eye Clinic have many years of experience fitting eyewear to assist you with the selection of the best eyewear for you. The frame and lenses you choose will correct your vision to the doctors’ specifications while allowing you to highlight your personality. We offer a wide variety of options that can be tailored to suit not only your medical needs but also your fashion sense and budget. Selecting your frame and lenses are a personal choice. It is important to select the right design, material and treatments for your lenses. We will consider function, features, style and comfort when assisting you with your purchase of your new eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are as unique as the person wearing them.


Here at Central Wisconsin Eye Clinic we have a large selection of fashionable frames in various price ranges to fit every budget. Some of the frame brands that we carry are: Safilo Elasta, Banana Republic, Dutz, Koali, Dolabony, Charmant and more. When choosing a frame you need to consider the size and shape as this should complement your best facial features and skin tone along with enhancing the color of your eyes.


Once you have selected your frame it’s time to select the lenses. The lenses depend largely on its function with your activities of daily living. With so many different lens designs and materials to choose from we will assist you with the best lens choice for your visual needs. We use only the most current technology available for your lenses. They include:

High Index Lenses – for those who have a higher prescription we offer thin lenses that provide excellent optics as well as they will look great in your new frame.

Progressive Lenses – the “no-line bifocal” provides you with a smooth transition from distance to near. There are hundreds of progressive styles available for which we use digitally surfaced lenses which provide optimal vision for your needs.

Anti-Reflective Treatments (A/R) – we recommend to obtain lenses with anti-reflective (A/R) treatment. The A/R treatment provides durability and scratch resistance while reducing glare.

Transition Lenses – these lenses darken when outdoors and will lighten up indoors while giving you the UV protection you need. Experience the comfort of transition lenses by going from regular glasses to sunglasses.

Polarized Lenses – these lenses are a specialty sunglass designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow and glass. Polarized lenses can improve visual comfort, contrast and visual clarity, reduces eye strain, allows for true perception of colors, reduces reflections and eliminates glare. Polarized lenses can be useful for certain sports and driving. Polarized lenses are also available with Transition lenses.


We offer a one year, one time replacement on both your lenses and frames. If something happens to your frame that cannot be repaired we will replace it, one time, at no charge.